Made with love (and some cursing) Next update - Sept 9, 12pm Et
Made with love (and some cursing) Next update - Sept 9, 12pm Et
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Hey, I'm Natalie, and thanks for checking out my shop! Since you clicked on "about" I will now tell you about myself, and my art!

From my earliest memory I've loved making art. As a young adult I took a break from art, focussing more on working with horses. In my mid 30's I was hit with an overwhelming drive to create again. I started with pen drawings and painting, before taking my first pottery class at Station Gallery in Whitby. From the very first class I was HOOKED. ( I mean talking in my sleep about glazes hooked ) It was everything I'd ever hoped it would be.

I'm very much inspired by Mid Century Modern and Scandinavian design, clean lines and bold colour palettes. I love a modern and simple aesthetic.

I live with my partner and our two cats in Bowmanville Ontario. When I'm not making pottery or working as a hairstylist, I enjoy painting, mountain biking, and recently started swing dancing. I do not sit still well and constantly want to be learning new things, life is just too short, ya know?